Bullet Journal Icons

Lessons from… On the Wings of My Pen #2
February 1, 2017


Bullet Journal Icons

Now we will discuss the topic of journal icons before delving further into our Bullet Journal system.


Is this really Important?

How to make a bullet journal, to find important entries easily.

Daily Bullet Journal Icons ~Date Banners, weather doodles, daily task icons

Journal icons can signal certain types of posts at a glance, such as deadlines, doctors or dentist appointments, events, or To Dos. They can help to spot certain entries quickly as well as add decorative detail to your (BUJO) bullet journaling experience. They are easy and fun, not only to do, but to view as you probably have noticed from the many (BUJO) enthusiasts in the social media world. Most are fairly easy to draw and only take a few seconds, so these won’t be a time consumer and you can get a bit creative and not have to spend hours trying to make something look nice. Easy peasy as I usually describe them. 🙂




Bullet Journal Icons ~Date Banners, weather doodles, and daily task icons

So where should you draw your journal icons in your journal? First of all, you might want to list

them in your journal Key so you can refer to them again and again as needed, till you get accustomed to drawing them readily. Next, You might want to use them to denote tasks, events, and appointments in your daily pages. (We will get into the whole system in our progressive lessons…hang on there Nellie! Lots to cover…so you don’t have to struggle through it alone.) 😉


As you can tell by my little icon doodles, there are many that I’ve included. But there are many many more to discover. Here Sara Zorel covers a lot more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1zdgGGUtNo

I do a lot of hunting for more ideas for doodle icons and date banners as you’ll discover when I share my personal pages of what I do, with you, in the upcoming days/weeks. We will have a lot of fun and creativity mixed into our lessons, in case the creative monkey on your back is itching to squeeze into your journal and say “Hi”! 🙂 We will make room for him! Tee Hee…


Fun yet useful

Bullet Journal Icons ~Date Banners, weather doodles, and daily task icons

I’m big on creative practicality…Fun yet useful. But if you’re a minimalist and love to keep it simple, you can just humor me here. We all have a safe place in this BUJO/bullet journal world. I know many choose to “keep it simple sweetheart” (KISS)…and that’s good too. We all have our own way that plays out very nicely in each of our journals, as individual as a fingerprint. “Variety is the spice of life, ” my mother used to say. It would be a sad world if we were all the same; no individuality to keep things interesting.




What do YOU like?
Sooo…with that said, What kinds of icons are you interested in using in your bullet journal?

Bullet Journal Icons ~Date Banners, weather doodles, and daily task icons



Who’s with me here?

Please leave me a comment, question, or pic to share of your iconic experience. I’d love to see what you’re finding fun to do in your own BUJOs/bullet journals.


You certainly don’t have to use them all. A few will spruce up your journal and can be a great simple addition to what you already do. Try them on for size. Experiment with a few of them to see how they feel. You might find the doodling to be a calming experience when waiting for a doctor/dentist appointment, or spending some quiet time at the local coffee shop. They tend to be a perfect end-cap in my journal to my busy day. And gets that creative monkey off my back because I remembered to include him. 😉 Such a fun little guy! 😀


And stay tuned for the next installment, “Lessons from…On the Wings of My Pen #3.”


Did you find this helpful?


~Evon Robinson

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Lessons from…On the Wings of My Pen

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  1. Beautiful job, Evon. These lessons will surely be of huge help and motivation for anyone wanting to learn all facets of journaling and crafting journals.

    1. Awww, Thank you Sue! I have definitely found my happy place! I love helping all my students and making a difference in their lives in a profound way. I’m also glad to have you with me. Your friendship and encouragement has been most appreciated and I have enjoyed our chats. Hope to meet you in person one day. Maybe I’ll travel down to where you are sometime…that would be fun.

      Thank you again for your kind words. 🙂


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