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February 24th, #12 blog post
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How many of you can never have enough ‘lists’? You, like me, just LOVE them. They keep you in order and on task, right? Otherwise, how would we ever get things done and on time? YES?


How to focus on your GOAL…with a list


⦁ Budget list
⦁ School supply list
⦁ Grocery list
⦁ Medication/vitamin list
⦁ Bucket list
⦁ Camping list
⦁ Vacation pack list
⦁ Things that make me happy list


Even the ‘list’ of these lists can go on and on and on. What are your favorite lists? Have you considered the ‘list’ of possibilities?  😉 


Oh the need for lists!

Evon’s 2017 Goals list

I decided this was the year *2017* I was going to put feet to my goals instead of letting another year pass by, and me, sitting here, scratching my head, wondering WHY didn’t I get that done, AGAIN?? What’s wrong with me? Anybody else feel like this?? (yeah…I see your head nodding.) 😉


So I started by calling out my word for 2017! It’s NOW!! No more procrastinating!! No more putting it off because I’m too afraid to fail, too afraid of not being good enough, too much…not enough!


  • Here I am…weak in the knees, but I’m still standing.
  • Here I am…unsure about the unknown of what the future holds and my crystal ball is blurry, not showing me if it’ll all work out for me or not.
  • Here I am with my throat a little dry, cuz YES! I’m scared to death out of my mind that I don’t know what I’m doing and all the while I can see my husband out of the corner of my eye with that look on his face…”Is she crazy?? Doesn’t she know that won’t work?? Doesn’t she see that she’s wearing rose colored glasses?? She needs to get a REAL J-O-B, work for 25 years and retire…and stop ‘playing’ around!”


But, amidst the naysayers I can hear from a mile away, determined…I push forward, into the unknown. Because you know what? I’ve put off this dream for long enough. And if I never try, I’ll never know if I could have been great or not. And isn’t it worth a try? To see if you have come to this cross-roads for such a time as this? I Say a resounding YES!! to all this and more…


What kind of list do YOU need?

And what about YOU? Do you need a GOAL list? A Bucket list? A Vacation destination list? A dream list? A Happy list? A Picnic Basket list for summer? And is there any lists you’d like to add to this that I’ve not come up with yet?


List ideas by others…

Here are some lists from the online bullet journaling community:


@Ali Edwards



And “My Goals List” (Evon) which you can check out in this post >


Is that all?

This is nowhere near being an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. How many lists can YOU come up with?



Please leave me a comment, question, or pic of what Your LIST collection pages look like (if you have them) in the comments section below. I will answer all of your questions and comments promptly!


Soo happy to have you with me on this journey! Are We having fun yet?


Was this post helpful?? I look forward to your comments…


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