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February 13th, #7 blog post
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What is a Daily page?

January 7, 2016
Daily page

Daily page set-up:

Evon’s version (more detail below #6)
⦁ Top -Daily quote or scripture verse
⦁ Chosen daily washi tape divider
⦁ Date Banner and Weather doodles including Temperature
⦁ List of daily To Dos, activities, events, appointments, comments on the day, meals, tracking comments, business, etc.
⦁ Doodles, stamps, and stickers added at will for a splash of color and easy, fun creativity.


 Page Set-up Comparison:

1. Minimalist – Ryder Carroll – No decoration – Functional use only (Analog system that all other bullet journal systems have evolved from) Notice that Ryder’s daily pages consist of only To Do’s, Events, Appointments, etc. Ryder lists 4 days per page in his bullet journal. You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bulletjournal

2. Semi-minimalist – Kara Benz (Boho Berry) -few doodles. handwriting practice, daily timeline, no washi tape or stickers. Kara uses Ryder’s bullet checklist. You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcKyr0v7_1A

3. Creative bullet journal daily -Gretchen Hope -Washi tape, stickers, tip-ins, journal prompts, project life cards with quotes, task lists, smashbook add ins -prompt lists, Cute and scrapbooky, doodles, stamps, quad planner, and journaling space on daily. Gretchen uses Ryder’s bullet checklist. You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDttRueKfFU

4. Creative bullet journal dailies – ME!! 🙂 ~Evon Robinson -I find this works well for me right now. I love putting quotes at the top (as a page heading); then separate the quote from the rest of my daily with a strip of washi tape; next I place my date banner doodle to the left and my weather doodles and daily temperatures to the right. Next in the daily layout, I list my daily To Dos, appointments, events, BJC postings, planning, etc, ending with my BJC daily member tracking. You can view my bullet journal daily log in the posted photos below… 🙂 <3

Daily Pages
September 12, 2016
Fun Daily memories with my Son, Jeff.
A bit of smashbooking.

November 13, 2016
Tom’s Birthday

December 24, 2016
Extended Family Christmas

December 25, 2016
Christmas Family Celebration

Daily Pages
February 5, 2017
Superbowl party day

As a valuable tool…

I hope this list is helpful in giving you various ways to set up and work with your daily journal To Do lists. This, by far, is not an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to work within the Bullet Journal (Ryder Carroll, originator) and these many ways are evolving on a daily basis as more people discover the flexibility, ease of use, goal setting, tracking, planning, recording, creativity, and evaluation of the Bullet journal. It’s an amazing tool to be sure! And in Your hands…it’s even more powerful! So crack open a bullet journal today and step into the amazing world so many are experiencing and enjoying as their GO TO friend!

Why not start now and join others who are LOVING this amazing, expanding, creative inspiring system? I can assure you…you’ll be glad you did. 🙂




Please leave me a comment, question, or pic of what Your Daily To Do pages look like (if you have them) in the comments section below. I will answer all of your questions and comments promptly!


Soo happy to have you with me on this journey! Are We having fun yet?


Was this post helpful?? I look forward to your comments…


**Next we will begin Lesson #8, stay tuned…


***Look for my previous 6 posts if you haven’t already.


~Evon Robinson
Barefoot Journaling Chronicles

6 thoughts on “Daily Page Set-up

  1. Louise

    What lovely creative pages! I think I would feel very happy with a to-do list if it looked like that every day 🙂 Do you write them the night before or when you wake up? And do you add to it throughout the day making it more like a diary?

    They look great anyway, thanks for giving me some good ideas!

    1. Evon

      Hello Louise!
      Thank you for your kind comments…means a great deal to me. 🙂 My pleasure!!

      I do my daily page set up the night before with a date banner of sorts, weather doodles with High/low temps, and space for a quote above, if I get to it. Next I usually fill in my to dos as I finish them, usually because I tend to over-schedule myself which would result in migrating way too much to the next day. Bullet journaling is so versatile you can make it however you want, and if something’s not working you can change it the next day or week or month into whatever works for you. That’s what’s so amazing about it. It’s a planner, journal, scrapbook, art journal, etc…all rolled into one!!

      You are welcome to join my FB group, Barefoot Journaling Chronicles, if you’d like more “treasures”. And please check back often, I have 32 posts that will be added here soon, that are already on our FB page as well.

      I hope you will visit often. 🙂

      ~Evon (aka LadybugLove)

      1. I love them, they’re just so nice to look at! I have sent a request to join your Facebook group 🙂 I look forward to reading more posts 🙂 Keep up the good work!


        1. Awww…thank you Louise!! I have 7 posts currently up on my website, however I have 39 lessons up in my facebook group you can access by keying “Lessons” into our search box at the left side of our group page. So glad you’ve joined our group. Lovely people like you inspire me to dig for more every day. I look forward to creating more captivating content in the future.

          Happy to have you with us…feel free to share what you’re learning in my group lessons in the comments section. I’d love to see how you’re progressing. and If you need any help at all, do not hesitate to ‘catch’ me in our group or here, of course!

          Thank you again for your kind comments…it’s definitely my passion!!

          ~Evon 🙂

  2. Marlaine

    I enjoyed looking at your colorful and fun daily pages! What a great idea… some day you’ll have a WONDERFUL time looking back at your lifetime of adventures that you’d so prettily documented!
    What I’ve been considering doing is a “Good Things” or “Thanksgiving” daily journal, where I write down 3-5 good things that happened or things that I’m thankful for (prayers answered, special events etc) on that day. It would be a way to be reminded daily to look for the many blessings in my life, and praise the God who showers them on me! I like your colorful style – perhaps I can merge the two ideas!

    1. Evon

      Hello Marlaine, Awww…thank you so much for your kind comments. Means a great deal to me. 🙂 I hope my children will treasure them too one day and maybe learn something of value through my life scribbles.

      I also have monthly gratitude pages I do in what we call a collection or spread. And in addition I also have a prayer list with answers to prayer, and Bible promises that stand out to me too. These are all listed as monthly spreads so I can keep track of them each month.

      My blog is all about teaching bullet journaling along with Bible journaling, card and album creation, and much much more. We even have hand lettering lessons and a quarterly short story writing contest in my FB group, Barefoot Journaling Chronicles. I invite you to come join us! 🙂 The bullet journal is so adaptable, you can make it whatever you want it to be. I have 32 more posts I will be adding to my site that now exist on my FB group page.

      Thank you so much for reviewing my site..and please do come again and/or join my FB group, you’d be most welcome.

      ~Evon (aka LadybugLove)

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