Hand Lettering #2

March 8th, #17 blog post
Lessons from…On the Wings of My Pen

Hand Lettering Humpday #2


It’s that time again, my lovelies (Yes, guys, that includes you too…I see you rolling your eyes at me) 

Cute Ways to Write Letters…

Hand Lettering Humpday #2

Do you remember back in elementary school when your teacher had you take out your pad of paper, pencil, and pink eraser to practice your penmanship?


I sure do…and I had a bit of a harder time. You see, I’m a lefty and the teacher would always tip my paper to the RIGHT!!! GRRR…”Don’t do that,” I thought to myself, quietly. I went away from each lesson with a pencil smudge on the edge of my hand, as well as on the paper. It was inevitable! No biggie, I accepted that this was just the way it was gonna be, so I went with it. Just adapt, RIGHT?


Did you enjoy penmanship practice? Or was it a trial for you? Have more interest now?


I’m still practicing, and I’m 55 now.   I don’t mind my handwriting, but it’s really not as good as I’d like it to be. Cute ways to write letters? Maybe not exactly… but still working at it.


Someday they will want to post my handwriting for the world to see…well, maybe not, but a creative woman can dream, can’t she?


Very Sad Day we Live in?

Can you believe that the elementary school system is trying to eliminate cursive writing from the regular school curriculum? Yeah, I know…CRAZY huh?


How will they ever be able to read historic documents or even sign their name? Crazy world we live in, YES? Ohhh Man!!


Where did all these creative lettering people come from?

Anyway…have you seen all the cool fonts and free Hand lettering sheets on Websites, Pinterest, You tube, and the like? Yeah…Me too!


I look and look and look and DROOL!! I’m thinking…”How in the world did they get that good? Were they born knowing how to do that? Did they have a perfectionistic parent who made them practice when I was outside playing with my dog? Or did they just have more determination than me…practicing?”


What now?

Well, aside of all that wondering, I decided it was ‘high time’ we did some practicing of our own on BJC (our FB group page, link below) …Thus, the need for Hand lettering Humpday. So each week on Wednesday I will be posting a new font for our hand lettering practice.


Wanna try it?

You can post your practice in your journal or notebook and take a pic for our comments below, if you’d like to share, or on our group page (link below). Would love to see you grow in your hand lettering practice. It helps us all to be able to try something new without judgement and to support each other as we try new things in our journals.

It’s been a lot of fun for me to practice each week, right along with you. You might find it to be fun for you too! 😉


Check out my practice page posted above for inspiration and courage.




Please leave me a comment, question, or pic of what Your Hand Lettering Humpday pages look like (if you have them) in the comments section below. I will answer all of your questions and comments promptly!


Soo happy to have you with me on this journey! Are We having fun yet?


Was this post helpful?? I look forward to your comments…


**Next we will begin Lesson #18, and it will be something FUN, stay tuned…


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~Evon Robinson (Wanna learn more about me? Click here)
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2 thoughts on “Hand Lettering #2

  1. Good afternoon Evon,

    Your story brought back some childhood memories from my early school years. It was difficult, really difficult.
    I was, what was called, word blind, I did not see my own mistakes. I always struggled with grammar in all languages I learned during my younger years. I loved writing but each piece would have a lot of mistakes.
    My Mother taught me already being very small to write letters. Grandmother would have given me a present or have her birthday or I had been invited for a holiday. I had to write a thank you grandmother letter. As I loved drawing and painting I then would illustrate it with some pretty flower. I must admit my handwriting was a bit clumsy at that time and the letters would have some spots and words crossed out and similar. I continued writing and later on in life got an international group of friends worldwide. My handwriting grew to be big and bold, I need a lot of space and often my thoughts gallop in front of my letters, I can hardly keep up.
    By the end of 2013 I got a computer, never thought that would happen as I do not like machines and try to keep them to the minimum in my life. I now do not write so much by hand anymore as writing emails have taken over. I still prefer to get a real birthday card with some nice words written over a machine made message.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. I can relate to your story Taetske! I am left handed and write kind of upside down…smudging my left hand when writing with pencil. My thoughts often fly on without me too. 🙂

      My Great Aunts (old school) thought it rude to not get thank you notes for Birthday/Christmas money, so my mother also sat us down to write. Or next time we would not get a gift. It was good because it taught me to be thankful for what was sent and to learn how to compose a letter. I have always loved writing since I was young and have written a bit of poetry. Even had one of my firsts published when I was 16. It was entitled “He took Time to Care”, published in our family church magazine (Nazarene Church)

      I, often as you, prefer a REAL card…mostly Handmade, because it tells me the person took the time to think about me and what I might like in a deeper way. I love cards and have shoe boxes full of them…don’t think I’ve ever thrown one away. Sometimes I might even repurpose some of them. They are such a gift in themselves! And a creation is so much the more than a store bought one…but they are nice too.

      yeah..we live in a much different world now, don’t we? Makes me cherish my human interactions, for sure!

      Hope you’re enjoying my website!

      Have a great day Taetske! Night time for me. 🙂


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