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February 6th, #4 blog post
Lessons from…On the Wings of My Pen

Monthly overview and goals pages:

Monthly Overview & Goals pages ~May 2016


How to find a purpose in your life?

There is purpose and focus in goal setting/tracking, getting you to where you want to go, instead of thinking… “Gee…I’d really like to do that…Someday”, but someday never comes. I mean, are you still sitting on those hopes you’ve had for years? Yeah…me too. NOW is the time to get some of those old worn out hopes off the shelf, dust them off and put them to good use. 🙂  This is how to find a purpose in your life.


The meat of the issue…

The two pages we’ll focus on today, deal with time management and goal setting in the monthly overview and goals pages. This is the next step in the process from your future log > Overview and monthly goals > Daily task lists. For anyone with an ‘accounting’ mind, this will make it flow better. Example: In accounting, the entries are first and foremost listed in the General Journal (Future Log), next they are dispersed into their respective accounts (Over view & Monthly goals), then expenses are listed in their accounts (daily To Dos). Hope this metaphor didn’t confuse you, just making a parallel to help you to better understand the relation.


Monthly Overview & Goals pages ~July 2016



Here is the pathway again for migrating goals…

Future Log > Monthly overview and goals > Daily To Dos
(Or) Daily To Dos not completed or half completed> Next day’s To Dos
(Or) Future Log < Daily To dos (or monthly goals) not working (needs to simmer awhile)



The Monthly Overview page

Monthly Overview & Goals ~September 2016

In this page there is a banner at the top that reads (Month/Year). Next, the page is numbered down the left side and alongside the numbers is the initial of the day. Example: 1W, 2T, 3F, 4S, 5S, 6M, 7T (1Wed, 2Thu, 3Fri, 4Sat, 5Sun, 6Mon,7Tue). See photos…
Next to the date/day, you write your upcoming appointments, events, special occasions, important reminders, and items coming up. This gives you a glance at your entire month from a birdseye view of what’s happening. See photos…



The Monthly Goals page (Opposite the Overview page)

Monthly Overview & Goals ~February 2017

In this page there is also a banner at the top that reads (For example, ‘February’ Goals). In this space you can list business as well as personal goals. (On my goals page at the top, I list all the goals I have for BJC (Barefoot Journaling Chronicles -FaceBook page) for that month with check boxes so I can check them off when accomplished. You can include any goals you wish. They don’t have to be business related. At the bottom third of my goals page, I put my personal goals, such as creating a new card for my pen pal, or other personal goals. See photos…

From here on the Monthly goals page you can migrate your goals to your

daily pages as To dos, to accomplish and check them off, if you wish.




This system of tracking is very amazing once you start working with it.

I love this ‘at a glance’ feature for both the monthly overview/monthly goals. Makes it so easy to see how your month is progressing.

You can even add a little creative decoration to your pages with a doodle, stamp, sticker, or washi tape. See photos…





Please leave me a comment, question, or pic of what Your Monthly Overview/Goals pages look like (if you have them) in the comments section below. I will answer all of your questions and comments promptly!
Soo happy to have you with me on this journey! Having fun yet?


Was this post helpful?? I look forward to your comments…
**Coming up we will begin Lesson #5, stay tuned…


~Evon Robinson
Barefoot Journaling Chronicles
Lessons from…On the Wings of My Pen

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