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What is a bullet journal collection?

Spreads *Mommy’s Little Helper*

I posted an inquiry in our FB group (Barefoot Journaling Chronicles) this past few days as to how many mothers and grandmothers there are in our group. The response was amazing! Thank you all for participating in my little post. I appreciate all your comments. I also included a comment for the Daddies and Grandpas. Even though this subject may be more a Mommy/grandma spread. What is a bullet journal collection? A collection is also called a spread. A page or a few pages that relate to each other. (a theme, a list, a fun page or pages and this is expanding all the time)


Child friendly

Several of you have expressed an interest in helping your children to begin the awesome experience of bullet journaling. It is to that end that I’ve created this spread (pictured in this post). This can be adapted for Grandmothers, Dads, and Grandfathers as well as changing the task list according to age and abilities. My list is only a guideline. You can add whatever you believe your child has the ability or desire to complete.


Chore checklist

Mommy’s little helpers
Chore List

Start small, if they are not used to chores and a checklist, and build. Over time they will become more proficient and confident. Keep positive, because as they see you keep your journal, they will want to do the same (like grownups do).


Value and helps

Grandmas can have a lot of fun with a list which can include making cookies for a local charity bake sale event, teaching the grandkiddos the value of helping someone who needs it. Also summer lemonade stands are quite popular, even in our fast paced world. It teaches them the value of money. You could even sell cookies or hand made candy with your lemonade.


A child’s start at journaling

You can also instruct them in doing checklists. Whether it be their favorite foods, favorite Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter activities, tracking weather, keeping track of homework or keeping their room tidy. Bringing chores to their attention will also help them to realize that everyone in the family does their part to the benefit of all, very much like a well-oiled machine. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of belonging to a whole that is bigger than just themselves.


Have any of you created a “Mommy’s Little Helper” spread before? if you have, I’d sure love to see your version. 




Please leave me a comment, question, or pic of what Your “Mommy’s Little Helper” or similar pages look like (if you have them) in the comments section below. I will answer all of your questions and comments promptly!


Soo happy to have you with me on this journey! Are We having fun yet?


Was this post helpful?? I look forward to your comments…


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